If you are a new shooter or interested in long range target shooting please read following questions and watch the video below.
How do I get access to the 1000 yard range?
Individuals may not sign out the 1000 yard range. Only clubs can sign out the range and there are many organizations that do so.  (Desert Sharpshooters, US Army, FBI, etc.). To use the range you can attend a Desert Sharpshooters event.  Check out the club calendar and take a look at our scheduled shooting dates. You can always contact us if you have questions about these.

How do I become a member?
DSS Rifle Club does not have membership or members. The club is open to all public.

When can I shoot?
All public is welcome to come out and shoot with DSS Rifle Club any time we have range reserved for practices and matches. Please show up in the pits (bullet impact area) at the time noted on the calendar. There are few NRA sanctioned matches where registration is welcome.

Can I shoot rifle with muzzle break?
Anyone who wish to use rifle with muzzle brakes must inform the Match Director at the time of signing in, so that appropriate separation on the firing point is allocated. This protects nearby shooters from the muzzle blast. 

What target can I use?
We only shoot on NRA approved paper targets. WE DO NOT SHOOT STEEL!!! To shoot steel please visit

What is the cost?
Daily cost is $10. $6 goes to Ban Avery and $4 is used by the DSS Club for insurance, targets, frames and other supply.

How does process works?
We work in pairs. One person is on the line shooting and other person is in the pits pulling and marking targets. 

What is the course of fire?
We usually shoot 3 strings of 15 or 20 rounds. In between these strings there would be relay changes (shooters from the line go to pits and vice versa). During summer we might shoot 1 or 1.5 hour block time.

What is Palma?
Palma is long distance shooting from 800, 900, and 1000 yards using metallic iron sights. All shots are fired from the prone position with the rifle supported by two hands and one shoulder. The course of fire is unlimited sighting shoots and 15 shoots for record at 800 yards and two sighting shoots and 15 record shoots at 900 and 1000 yards.  

What is maximum caliber rifle I can shoot?
Please refer to the 'Safety' section under 'About DDS', but short answer is maximum allowed caliber on the range is .35 caliber. This ensures safety to the people in the pits, on the range and beyond the range limits.