Who we are and what we do

The Desert Sharpshooters Rifle Club (DSS) was founded in 1965 by Middleton Tompkins. The 1000 yard range was dedicated to Mid in 2015 and plaque with his pictures and inscription is in behind center of 1000 yards firing line.

These days the DSS is primarily concerned with civilian target rifle shooting in different disciplines like Target Rifle, F-class, FTR and military style shooting.

The DSS has a commitment to promote shooting and especially to encourage younger shooters to participate in the sport.

The DSS is non-profit organizations and operates as a charity and works to benefit the shooting community. It is a civilian organisation counting many dozens of volunteers.

Our main aim is to promote and encourage target shooting as a recreational activity and train individuals to become safe and competent shooters.

Based in our world-renowned Ben Avery Shooting Complex, we enjoy world-wide recognition as leaders in various forms of target shooting, setting the rules and conduct of shooting for them throughout the United States and beyond.

We believe that target shooting is a challenging and enjoyable safe sport, delivering a recreational service to the community and open to all regardless of age, ability, sex or ethnicity.

Why DSS Rifle Club was founded

The Desert Sharpshooter Rifle Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of safe, competitive shooting sports. At every event we strive to offer the most enjoyable and safest environment to everyone, from new shooters to the most experienced.