Hosted by the Desert Sharpshooters Rifle Club

16 - 23 October 2022

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  • There is no membership required to shoot with the Desert Sharpshooters. Everyone is welcome to join during any of our regular scheduled practices at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility.

  • It only costs $10 per day to shoot a practice. $8 of that goes to the Ben Avery Shooting Facility, and the additional $2 goes to the Desert Sharpshooters to help cover the cost of insurance, targets, and supplies to operate.

  • There is a huge wealth of knowledge among the shooters that shoot with the Desert Sharpshooters. So if you want to learn about long range competitive shooting or just long range shooting in general don't hesitate to contact us or come to a practice.

  • Subscribe to our email list below or email us at desertsharpshooters@gmail.com

Meeting times in the PITS:

January - March: 8am

April: 7am

May - September: 6:15am or as soon as the gates to BA are open.

October: 7am

November - December: 8am