Ben Avery Shooting Facility

Ben Avery Shooting Facility

Founded in 1957, the Ben Avery Shooting Facility, formerly Black Canyon Shooting Range is one of the largest publicly operated shooting facilities in the country.

Our world-class shooting range is a City of Phoenix Point of Pride. It has received a Five Star rating from the National Association of Shooting Ranges. This means that it is the best of the best at providing a quality recreation experience and is the first government facility to receive this designation.

Located on 1650 acres in north Phoenix, the facility averages more than 120,000 shooters per year. The facility offers are wide array of target shooting opportunities. This shooters’ paradise is home to a number of regional and national class competitions and other major events.

Ben Avery Shooting Facility is funded by the revenues generated by user fees and federal dollars appropriated through the Pittman-Robertson Act.

With extensive facilities, the Ben Avery Shooting Facility offers a fun and safe environment for all of your shooting needs. Men, women and children ages 5 and older of all experience levels are welcome. Trained safety officers are on the firing line at all times to oversee safety and to offer informal coaching when needed.

Ben Avery Shooting Facility

4044 W. Black Canyon Blvd.

Phoenix, Arizona 85086

623 582-8313

623 582-5317 fax